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This weekend i visited Amsterdam for one day. And oh men, i've fallen in love with this city. Big time. I loved the amazing stores, the cute houses, the boats, the ultra friendly people, the food,... Ah i want to go back already! :) I've snapped some pictures for you along the day:

My essentials during the 3 hour ride.

One of the many canals in Amsterdam, so cozy :) It really is the Venice of the north.

I've seen a million houses i wanted to live in!

What i wore that day. Cap, bag and shorts from H&M, shirt and sunglasses from Zara and shoes from Adidas.

We lunched on a boat, it serves as a terrace for many restaurants.

Amsterdam has alot of lovely shops to visit. One of my favourites was this store, it literally had everything you can buy for your cat :) There's also a boat called 'poezenboot' (kittyboat in Dutch), which is a shelter for cats on a boat, how awesome is that?

Amsterdam didn't only satisfy my inner crazy catlady, there were alot of fashionstores to visit as well. All the high-end boutiques can be found at the P.C. Hooftstraat.

These views <3

I really had a nice time at lovely Amsterdam! One day was i little bit short to visit everything i wanted to see, so i guess i need to go back again soon :)

Love, Annelies

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1. Stuck in traffic while snapping the details of this look. 2. Flashback to my childhood! All the cool kids were having these during playtime :) 3. Vanilla icecream with caramel on a sunny sunday <3 4. New to my pearl collection: this pretty ring from Zara.

1. Hooray for unseasonal beanies! The whole look will be posted soon here. 2. Smoothie time! This one was a handfull of spinach, a carrot, a paprika and a pinch of curcuma. 3. There's finally a frozen yoghurt shop in town! This one was my first ever and i'm sure many will follow :) 4. Another sunny sunday, chilling in the park.

Have a lovely day :) Kisses! xx