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1. Something rare here in Belgium: a clear blue sky! This was taken on a shoppingtrip in Antwerp. 2. Bought this scarf for my boyfriend but wished i bought one for myself too, it's a bit pricey but the quality is amazing! 3. Little outfitsnap while shopping. 4. Colorfull boyfriend :)

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Magazines in bed on a sunday = heaven!

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1. The treasure of my closet. 2. Lazy mornings <3 3. The first day of my internship at a PR agency, i love it alot so far! 4. Comfy look on a monday.

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Before heading out to lunch, wearing on of my favourite outfits :)

Instagram: @annelies_hellem

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Having a sushi evening at my boyfriend. Also, how cool is this new purse from Mango? I immediately fell in love with it, i think it has a bit of a Saint Laurent vibe to it.

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Trying to make this the first thing i do in the morning. I really like it so far, it's very refreshing and wakes me up. My kind of morning coffee :)

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Making a quick picture at the wellness, i really needed this in between all the internship papers and my thesis.

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My favourite perfume of the moment, love the bottle so much!

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It's almost a year since i bought this Saint Laurent as my first designer bag, time flies! I'll post the full look of this later on this week.

Hope you have a great start of the week! xx

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1. In Amsterdam, i love this city so much, it's so pretty and cozy.

2. Drooling at the Chanel store

3. At the hotel where the bathroom was full on marble, instagram heaven haha

4. Amsterdam prettiness.

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Back in Belgium wearing a classic combo: blazer, hat, and red lips (ruby woo from Mac)

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1. Cats and tea, two of my favourite things combined in a mug :)

2. And more drooling over bags.

3. My lazy evening essentials.

4. Loving this Caudalie set containing a parfume, bodycream and showergel.

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Keeping my outfit comfy and warm in Amsterdam.

My instagram: annelies_hellem

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I've had such a lovely weekend! Saturday i went for a brunch with my family and afterwards i went shopping in Antwerp with my boyfriend. The place we went to for the brunch is called hotel Van der Valk, my favourite brunchspot! It was so lovely to not have to think about my thesis and internship papers for a while. Today (sunday) was more of a chillday, so i'm totally ready for the new week! :)

This post is a little bit different then usual because i want to start to involve more personal posts here on the blog, hope you like it! Let me know what you think! :) xx Annelies