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1. Well deserved lunch break in Amsterdam after alot of exploring :) 2. My favourite black essentials 3. The reason why i was in Amsterdam: my boyfriends art exposition, so proud of him! 4. Some details of what we were wearing that day.

1. Some of my favourite skincare items: Shiseido cleanser, Kiehls midnight recovery oil and Lush mask of magnaminty. Let me know if you want a review :) 2. Planning summery outfits during rainy days 3. Breakfast with oatmeal, banana, blueberries and mulberries 4. Wearing one of my favourite looks.

1. Taking a break with sushi and a magazine, enjoying the little things :) 2. The perfume i'm recently wearing, this one is very soft and powdery 3. My favourite color combination: pink and silver! 4. Loving this shirt from Topshop alottt!

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I promised to show you some pictures of beachfestival WeCanDance i went to, so here it is! Wish i was still surounded by palmtrees and coconuts but i'll have to do it with a grey sky at the moment. So counting the days until i leave for Spain! 21 days left! :)

I posted more about what i'm wearing over here :)

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Give me a magazine and some food and i'm one happy girl :) I actually need to hand in a schoolpaper over a month and let that be one if the things i really really really don't like. My mum baked this (delicious!) cake so i took some fashion inspiration with me and made a very welcome break. Now excuse me while i go back to Word instead of Blogger to paper some more. Happy weekend! Hugs, Annelies

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1. I got an ombré! I really wanted something different with my hair, the color is a bit brighter in real life :) 2. Taking a break from work with a big ass bowl of fruit, vogue and some random flowers, haha. 3. Comfy outfit with sneakers are a must sometimes. 4. Found this little one laying around in my boyfriends house and he wanted to wish you all a lovely weekend :)

1. When your boyfriend gives you vogues during stressfull times <3 2. Dreaming of a holiday, this picture is from last summer in Gran Canaria. 3. I'm really into nude nailpolish recently, it's so clean and fresh. 4. On my way to Amsterdam!

1. Arrived in Amsterdam, i love these cute houses! 2. Quick shot of my outfit i wore that day. 3. Amsterdam has so much cool foodplaces! This one was a healthy bar, loved this! 4. My boyfriend bought this slip-ons while we were there, secretly wish we had the same shoe size :)

Aaand the weekend has arrived! I feel like this week has been gone by so fast! I'm going to brunch and just have a relaxing time in the city with friends, hope you have a great one! Kisss

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