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I think this is one of my alltime favourite outfits of this year, it's just all of my favourite things in one look: plissé, an oversized blazer, bikerboots and a touch of pink. I must admit autumn has kicked in good this week so this will be the last bare legs of the season I'm afraid. But on the other hand, I finally found my perfect teddy coat so I'm secretly wishing it to be cold enough so I can wear it, plus autumn is actually my favourite season. Bring on the pumpkin lattes, forest walks and cozy knits!

dress: Karl Lagerfeld / boots: Zara / blazer: Scotch and Soda / bag: Gucci

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It was only after seeing the pictures we shot of this look that I noticed I matched my 'life is a beach' sweater with my navy blazer and cap. Maybe I unconsciously matched them together, who knows? I'm pretty sure you've noticed that I'm wearing this little bag so much, it's the only one I have at the moment that fits my bag that isn't an ugly camerabag. It's so handy! I bought the navy blazer at Zara a year ago and I still love it so much, it's the details: the shiny border, golden buttons,... Next to my black blazer it's one I absolutely can't mis in my wardrobe.

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bag and blazer: Zara

cap: Scotch and Soda

pants: H&M

shoes: Adidas

sweater: Q/S designed by

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When it can get 30 degrees in your office (we need an airco asap!), your choice of outfit is key. Below you can find one of my favourite summer office looks. It's not casual but still very comfy and breathable because of the A-shaped shirt and flowy skirt. Because on those hot days you really don't want to sit behind your desk in skinny trousers! Finally, I added my red sunglasses so the look won't be tooo serious. Et voila, you got yourself a summerproof office look :)

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velvet suit Image 1

It's no secret that I like velvet, both in clothes and interior. So when I saw this set in the store it was love at first sight. But the best thing about this outfit is that it looks fancy but it feels like wearing pj's, haha. This look was shot a little while ago, so it's a little to warm to wear it now, but I can't wait to style the pants and blazer separately. I'm also wearing my new bag, it was on my wishlist for so long, so I descided to buy it when I was in Paris. I'll share my thoughts on it soon! Hope you all have a great start of the week! xx, A.

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velvet suit: Scotch & Soda / shirt: Zara / bag: Gucci