My summer 2016 style goals Image 1

10 more days and summer is here, fingers crossed that it'll be a good one! I'm already on the hunt for a new bikini this season, I realllly like the crochet ones like the one in the picture, if you have any tips where to find them, let me know!

Now I'm to pack my bags to go to Barcelona with Mazda this weekend, can't wait to tell you more about it and to show you some decent sunny pictures :) I'm already nervous to go on the plane though, hehe. You can add me on snapchat (@annlies_hellem) if you wan't to follow me around over there! xx A.

Festival inspiration Image 1

Hey guys! Is it me or do i see Coachella e-ve-ry-where? I'm sitting here at my desk working on my thesis whilst i keep seeing snaps and instagrams from everyone who was at that happy place. Oh i wish i was there this year, maybe it's a good idea to put my phone somewhere else when i'm working or i'll keep dreaming instead :) But seeing all these people wearing the coolest festival looks gave me inspiration to make a post about what i would wear if i would be there. (oh if only!)

So i went to the webshop of Esprit to select some pieces i would totally see myself in over there. First things first: a hat and some sunnies can't be missing in the look. Secondly: i would want to be comfy whilst i'm dancing in the heat so i opted for some lose fitted clothes and slippers. I also added a necklace to make the look a little more boho. There can't be enough jewelry to wear on Coachella so i would actually layer some more necklaces up to the look.

But allrighty enough dreaming for now, back to my thesis.... I hope this inspired you if you're luckier than me and you're going to a festival soon. Hugs, Annelies