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This is what my dinner looked like, soms lime and coriander steamed basmati rice with a ton of stir fried veggies that didn't fit in the picture :p The rice is actually pre steamed (it's from a brand called Tilda), so you just have to pop it in the microwave and your dinner is practically ready. It's very difficult to find healthy instant meals, but i think i found the perfect solution for those lazy evenings.

Tomorrow is also my last day at my internship, it's a cliché but time really flies when you love what you do. After that i need to work my butt of for my thesis, so i think i will definitely need more of those pre steamed rice, haha :)

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Don't let the cuteness of this smoothie fool you, this one is actually very heavy-duty and really fills you up! It's my go-to smoothie if i want something quick but healthy for lunch. You can also make this for breakfast or as a (big) snack if you prefer this more. I made this vitaminbomb with two bananas, one apple, a handfull of mango (equals aprox. one mango), a handfull of red berries and a tablespoon of line seeds. Add some water to it before you blend. You can always add more water afterwards if you think the smoothie is too thick. At last i added a pinch of coconut flakes on top of my smoothie.

I firstly made it with an orange instead of an apple but because banana is a sweet fruit and orange an acid fruit it can make you feel bloated, so i'm sticking with the apple! Also, did you know that a tablespoon of line seeds contains the daily portion of healthy fats? A real superfood if you ask me :) If you feel like you are getting hungry after one or two hours you can always add more of an ingredient of choice.

Let me know if you tried this recipe! :) Hugs, Annelies xx

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It's getting colder and colder, hot drink season has arrived! :) I want to share with you my favourite drink i like to drink while watching a serie under a blancket (my daily ritual): a healthy chocolatemilk! It's super simple to make and tastes really good! Here is how you make it:

You'll only need two ingredients for this: unsweetened soymilk and pure cocoa powder. It's important that the soymilk is unsweetened, so make sure you check to ingredients for sugar. There may not be any additives to the cocoa powder, just 100% pure cocoa powder.

Pour the amount of soymilk you want in a soucepan and heat it up, it doesn't have to boil. It's important to stir the milk regulary.

When your milk is heated up, you can add the cocoa powder. I use one big teaspoon for one big mug of chocolatemilk, but you can add more or less according to your taste :)

Keep on stirring until there are no chunks of cocoa powder left in the milk.

Pour your concoction in your favourite mug...

...and enjoy! :) xx, Annelies

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Healthy banana bread Image 2

I just made something that i HAD to share with you guys. Its healthy and yummy, perfect combo! I combined a bit of different bananabread recipes together with ingredients i had at home. You can throw alot in there. I think i will try to add pure cacao powder to it the next time :)

So you'll need:

- 3 bananas

- 50 gr pitted dates

- 3 eggs

- 75 gr oatmealflour (you can just grind oatmeal in a mixer)

- 75 gr almondmeal (put them together with the oatmeal in the mixer)

- 80 gr of nuts to your choice, i used walnuts

- 1 big teaspoon of cinnamon

- 1 big teaspoon of nutmeg

- 2 teaspoons bakingpowder

How you make it:

1. preheat your oven at 175 degrees

2. mix the bananas and the dates together in a blender

3. mix the eggs until its one substance

4. mix the banana and dates mixture together with the eggs until its a bit airy/fluffy (don't mix it by hand, but use an electronic mixer)

5. put the oatmealflour, almondflour, bakingpowder, cinnamon and nutmeg to your mixture and blend it all together

6. chop the nuts into little pieces and mix it in your mixture with a spoon

7. smear your bakingtray with coconut oil or use bakingpaper

8. pour your mixture in the tray and keep in the oven for around 40 minutes

Believe me, it's like i'm eating regular cake, but without the guilthy feeling :) Enjoy!