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I'm using these products for months now so i thought it would be interesting for you to share my thoughts about them :)

The Shiseido Pureness cleanser is something i only use at the evening. It's that type of cleanser that foams, but it isn't harsh on the skin. I have sensitive skin, so i would recommend it if you want a cleanser that does the job really well and is friendly to your skin.

My favourite eyecream ever is the Antipodes kiwi seed eyecream, i just looove this stuff! It sinks fast into the skin, which is good if you want to apply make-up afterwards. It contains alot of natural ingredients like avocado oil and it hydrates perfectly!

I've also found the perfect daycream for my sensitive skin. It's the well known Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream. I was on the hunt for a cream that hydrates very well without breaking my skin out for such a long time and i'm so happy to finally found the one! I even use this in the evening as a nightcream :)

Hope you had a nice week so far! Tell me if you recommend any products for sensitive skin, i really want to discover some more stuff! :) xx, A.

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani blush palette & lipstick Image 1
Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani blush palette & lipstick Image 2
Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani blush palette & lipstick Image 3

Who else loves to look at unused make-up? These beauties from the Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani collection just came in and just like the gorgeous eyeshadow palette (which you can read about here) there's nothing bad to say about it :) 'Angel' and 'Hush' in the palette are actually highlighters what makes this one practical for travelling.

Now about the lipstick! It's called 'Ex girlfriend' and comes with a matching lipliner. The shade itself is my idea of the perfect red lipstick. It's not too bright and not too dark. I'll show you how it looks on the lips soon in an outitpost!

The little eyebrowkit does the job perfectly. It even comes with teeny tiny tweezers and a mirror that maxifies.

So to sum it all up: nothing but love for this collection! :)

Estée Lauder: Sumptuous Knockout collection Image 1
Estée Lauder: Sumptuous Knockout collection Image 2
Estée Lauder: Sumptuous Knockout collection Image 3

One of my worst beauty habits is that i'm so bad at replacing my mascara, i just keep using it for months and months. So these products that Estée Lauder kindly sended to me came in right on time!

I wanted to write a little review about it because i know i will use these products everyday from now on. An eyeliner and mascara are pretty much the make-up basics every girl should have i think :) The eyeliner is waterproof and does the job perfectly. There's a tiny sharper and a little rubber tip on the end that you can use to soften the line a bit, super handy! The mascara is my favourite of the two. It's really good at separating my lashes. But i think the best thing is the formula because it's very easy to put multiple coats of mascara on without it starting to clump.

So from now on these products will be part of my daily make-up routine. I'm also planning to do a blogpost about the skincare products i use on a daily basis, so keep an eye out for that! Are there any products you recommend that you use daily? Let me know!

Hope you had a great start of the week guys! xx Annelies

New mac highlighter & lipstick Image 1

I'm getting more and more into make-up lately. I already replicated a look from a tutorial on youtube which turned out pretty good :) So i tought it was time to invest in some good products! I went for a highlighter (soft & gentle) and a matte lipstick (velvet teddy).

New mac highlighter & lipstick Image 2

This highlighter is absolutely worth the money! It will take me literally years to use this one up. And it's also so stunning on the skin, it gives a perfect dewy look! The woman in the store also told me that this is a popular one and i can totally understand why :)

New mac highlighter & lipstick Image 3
New mac highlighter & lipstick Image 4

This matte lipstick in velvet teddy is a nice nude color, perfect to wear as an everyday lipstick. The color is really subtle on my lips but it makes them look just that bit fuller.

New mac highlighter & lipstick Image 5