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Hey guys! Wanted to show you what I've been wearing today: my favourite perfume of all time from Miu Miu, red nailpolish from Estée Lauder and a couple of rings from H&M xx

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I've got something interesting for you if you have dry and dull skin! Lancôme énergie de vie is a revitalising and antioxidising lotion that's focussed on hydrating the skin.

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The main goal of this lotion is to fight the signs of fatigue that could turn into signs of ageing. These signs could be the result of lack of sleep, stress, pollution... Energie de vie contains extracts of goji berries and lemon to help the skin in preventing these signs of fatigue.

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As you can see the consistency of this product is quite watery. It feels light and gel-like on the skin and it sinks in very quickly! My skin feels soft, hydrated and plump after I used it. I use it on it's own or under my daily moisturiser. I've also used it as a serum in the evening and I woke up with softest skin in the morning! Definitely give this one a try if you're searching for an extra shot of hydration for your skin :)

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The Saint Laurent lipsticks must be the ones with the most luxurious feel i think. The packaging is just so nice and feels heavy in the hand, i just love them! These ones are from the rouge volupté shine range, which is what you get if a lipstick and a lipgloss would have a baby, the lipsticks are glossy but with the perfect amount of color.

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These are the numbers 46, 49 and 41 (from left to right)

Ysl rouge volupté shine Image 3

Here you get a good feel of the consistency: glossy, soft, sheer but with a good color payoff. This is 41 on the left, 46 in the middle and 49 on the right.

Ysl rouge volupté shine Image 4

Here i'm wearing the lightest one, number 41. This is my favourite one of the three, just the perfect spring color! :)

Ysl rouge volupté shine Image 5
Ysl rouge volupté shine Image 6

This is number 49, it's a bit of a bolder version of number 41 and it has more of a fushia tone to it.

Ysl rouge volupté shine Image 7

41 - 49 - 46

Ysl rouge volupté shine Image 8

This is the most colorful one, number 46. I must say i've never wore orange lipsticks before, but i really like it!

All three colors are very wearable and they feel so nice on, very creamy and soft. Can't wait to wear them alot more this spring and summer :)

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We had such a sunny day today over here, finally some decent spring weather! That inspired me to make a post about spring make-up, which really is my favourite kind of make-up. It's all about fresh, pastelly and dewy looks. Personally i think the three basics for a spring look are highlighter, light pink blush, nude or pink lipstick and just mascara on the eyes. I think i'm going to recreate the bottom left look from the first square. Lipgloss is something i never wear, but i really like it in this look! Which one is your favourite? xx Annelies

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