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If I could choose only one pair of shoes to wear the rest of my life it would be a pair of classic black brogues. Love these ones from Lanvin with the velvet touch, timeless, elegant and on sale! :)

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The easiest way to get a romantic glamour touch to your interior is by adding a big golden framed mirror to the room. Hang it on the wall like the picture in the middle, place it on the ground or put it on a sturdy cupboard against the wall. It's also the perfect solution to make the space seem a bit bigger.

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One of my favourites is to add a nice vintage golden bar cart to the livingroom. Besides to use it to put some bottles and glasses on it you can style it in alot of different ways. Use it to display some of your favourite shoes and bags, put some books on them or cover it with all different kinds of plants and flowers. The possibilities are endless with this one!

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I have a soft spot for golden framed couches and coffee tables, there's something about them that makes it so timeless and chic. I would personally choose for one golden piece that catches the attention but as you can see in the third picture you can go all the way with gold framed furniture. The blue velvet couch you can see in the first picture is designed by Jonathan Adler and is on top of my interior wishlist at the moment.

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My favourite way to add a golden touch to the kitchen or bathroom is by opting for some pretty golden faucets. I really love how it looks in minimal spaces, it just gives it an interesting touch. Absolutely love how it looks combined with a marble surface, just perfection!

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You can choose for small golden items if you're not a fan of big golden pieces that draw the attention in your interior. Add these little details with golden candleholders, cups, plates, lamps, cutlery, pictureframes,... There are a billion options that suit every style!