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It's quite the contrast to edit this look whilst listening to Christmas music hehe. This was my favourite look I wore while I was in Miami. I really love that pink skirt, it reminds me so much of the Gucci collection :) We shot this look at the design district, if you're a fashion and interior lover please put this one on your list to visit! This area has the best high end stores (Saint Laurent, Fendi, Dior,..) all in the prettiest Miami style buildings accompanied with lovely palmtrees in the street, what do you want more :) I also visited the best interior store over there, I've never seen such cool design pieces elsewhere. Wish I could go back, but in the meantime I'm pretty happy with these cozy Christmassy days over here :) xx

shirt: Topshop / skirt and boots: Zara / bag: Saint Laurent / choker: River Island

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If I would have to pick my favourite spot in Miami it would be the Wynwood Art District. This area is packed with grafitti art and cute art galleries. I loved the whole creative vibe to it, you see people walking down the street covered in paint, artists that are painting their design on the walls and people who sell their own handmade products on the street. A real must visit if you ask me!

The handbag and sunglasses I'm wearing in this look are really my favourites this past few weeks. My camera fits in that bag which is a huuuge plus and those sunnies give every outfit a playfull accent. Hope you had a great start of the week! Hugs!

playsuit and bag: Zara / sunglasses: Zaful / watch: Rosefield / choker: River Island

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I wore this look to discover Ocean Drive, a street filled with pretty pastel buildings in Miami. I'm back in (cold!) Belgium now and missing it so much already! Need to get into that Christmas spirit now :) I'm leaving this weekend for Amsterdam so this will definitely help since it's always super cozy there during december. You can follow me around there on my instastories (@annelies_hellem) xx

pants, shirt and hat: H&M / blazer: Scotch & Soda / shoes: Adidas / bag: Zara / watch: Rosefield

Miami: a visual diary part II Image 1

Tried out Shake Shack for the first time, it's so goood! 1000x better than McDo.

Miami: a visual diary part II Image 2

My look for a night out at the Liv club in Miami.

Miami: a visual diary part II Image 3

One of the highlights of my trip: discovering the Wynwood art district. It's a more alternative area where all the walls are covered with awesome graffiti art. There are also alot of art galleries and cute cafes, definitely go there if you're in Miami!

Miami: a visual diary part II Image 4

One of the many art galleries in Wynwood.

Miami: a visual diary part II Image 5

Posing in front of a pretty pink wall, I'll post a full outfitpost soon!

Miami: a visual diary part II Image 6

This was taken at the Art Basel exposition, the main event that week in Miami. It's a giant place where alot of different galleries expose the work of there artists for people to buy them. It took us several hours to see everything! This huge diamond was one of my favourites, it's by the legend Jeff Koons and it's worth millions.

Miami: a visual diary part II Image 7

Loved the colors of this artwork.

Miami: a visual diary part II Image 8

The brand Toiletpaper had a stand where you could walk between all kinds of strange things, the place was covered in funny prints and absurd objects.

Miami: a visual diary part II Image 9

Also from the Toiletpaper Stand, fake spaghetti in the sink, why not :p

Miami: a visual diary part II Image 10

Bringing this perfect mug with me as a souvenir from this awesome trip, I'll definitely go back again someday!