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When I was in Marbella I did this quick fun shoot at the place we where staying with photographer Gert Huygaerts. The fun thing is that this wasn't planned at all, Gert is also from Belgium and he discovered through my instagram that I was staying in Marbella the same day as him :) Happy that we had time to do a little shooting, it was very relaxed. We shot in de evening because the sunlight isn't that harsh during that time. I love how the pictures turned out, it's always refreshing to see how someone else captures your style!

I'm missing summer already so much! I'm actually typing this covered in a blanket because I'm so cold, sooo not ready for winter yet :p But I've got something to look forward to: I'm going to Miami at the end of November, it will be my first time in the US, so excitinggg!



Desanto Annelyse - Friday, 7 October 2016

omg what a surprise we have the same name!! (but not the same spelling) (OMG)(MDR):-D


Jolien - Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Zo knap! Ik vind je haar echt prachtig.