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1. Me and my boyfriend made our annual autumn walk in Bruges. Bruges is really super pretty during autumn and that day it was the perfect weather, no wind, no rain, and a clear blue sky, I loved it so much!

2. Perfect lipstick for this time of year: the liptensity lipstick from MAC in the color 'smoked almond'.

3. Wore this leather pants I got from Zara.

4. Look how pretty!

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1. The perfect cozy stop during our walk in a place called 'Vero Caffè' in Bruges. I chose this latte and the best applecake.

2. On sunday we decided to continue our autumnal weekend with a walk around this beautiful castle not far from our home.

3. I just love forests during autumn.

4. Spotted these cute looking desserts in a shop.

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Hope you had a great weekend as well! Hugs, A.

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Since fall is my favourite season I decided to do a fall tag, something more personal as usual, hope you like it! I also tag everyyyone of you so let me know if you answered it, I love to read tags :) Have a great weekend! xx, A.

The best beauty product?

I just cannot live without my Kiehl's ultra facial cream. I use this daycream for years now, it doesn't break me out (I have sensitive skin) and it keeps my skin hydrated during the colder days, it's a holy grail for me!

What color do you prefer on your nails?

A classic red! But for fall I keep getting back to a deep burgundy color.

Favorite piece of clothing?

A comfy cozy knitted jumper or a bobble hat :)

Favorite accessory?

I can't miss my beanies during the colder and rainy fall days.

Favorite color on clothes?

Hmm, I like all sorts of colors for clothes, but during fall I choose more muted colors like camel, black and grey. I think grey is my favourite one :)

What is the best thing about fall?

I kind of like the shorter days, it's nice to get cozy again in the evening after those summer days. I really can enjoy to put on the candles, get my blanket, tea and watch a movie or some youtube videos <3 But the first weeks of fall are my absolute favourite, I just looove the beautiful colors of the leaves. Oh and those crisp clear sky days when it's not too cold or too warm, love that!

What is the bad thing about fall?

The wind and rainnn, sometimes I wish I lived in LA, the weather is always so perfect there! But on the other hand I would be sad to not have any kind of seasons.

The best drink?

Any kind of tea! For me thats what's coffee like for most people, I can't live without it. I always have my green tea in the morning and a herbal tea (mostly camomile) in the evening.

What do you listen to right now?

I have a couple of songs on repeat now for a while, mostly chilled songs. I really lovelovelove this remix right now.

Favorite tv show?

Stranger Things! Sooo worth the hype! I already finished the first season so I can't wait for the second season to arrive. If you like science fiction and a bit of creepy stuff, you should watch this one :)

The best scent?

During fall I love the scent of a forest. But perfume wise I really love the basil & neroli one from Jo Malone right now.

Are you going away on a trip?

Yessss and I'm looking forward to it so much already. I'm going to Miami at the end of November, it will be my first time in the US, superduper exciting!

What do you prefer doing on a rainy day?

Staying at home and being lazy basically haha. Ordering pizza and watching a movie at home with my boyfriend is the best cozy evening I could think of and it's even more cozier (is that a word? :p ) when it rains.

YSL Image 1

Heyhey! Hope you had a great start of the week so far! :) I just wanted to update you with this fun collage we did, I've borrowed the jumper of my boyfriend for this, it's such a fun and unique piece! And I'm thinking so much of dyeing my hair completely blonde, I started with this balayage and it's kind of addictive haha. Because of the flash my hair shows blonder than in real life but I really like it, let me know what you think! xx, A.

jumper: Saint Laurent

Touch of pink Image 1

We've come to the last summery pictures, nooo :( But there are still two summery video's on the way, so no fall yet on this blog :p The video's I'm editing are a lookbook and a vlog-ish one from my holiday to Marbella. Editing video's is a beast! I really didn't realise that was so much work, having a huge respect for the daily vloggers now! Enjoy your weekend! xx, A.

hat: H&M / scarf: Zara / dress: Tommy Hilfiger / bag: Furla