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Hey guys! I recently visited the most fashionable truck ever aka the Scotch On Wheels truck from Scotch & Soda. The truck made it's way from the fashion weeks to our own Belgian coast where it stops at several cities. The cool thing about it is that it contains exclusive accessoiries that aren't available at the regular Scotch & Soda stores. I immediately gravitated towards the pink hat that I'm wearing in my second look, you know I love my pinks! :) But all the other accessoiries (both for women and men) were amazing as well, think about bright colors, fun prints and cool patches.

For the first look I opted for a classic Scotch look and for the second look I went allll the way with color and prints. My favourite piece is the blazer from my second look, you'll definitely see more looks with this one because it's so versatile! This friday the Scotch On Wheels truck will make it's stop at Knokke, definitely worth a visit :)

Let me know what your favourite look is! xx, A.

Everything I'm wearing is from Scotch & Soda.