Festival inspiration Image 1

Hey guys! Is it me or do i see Coachella e-ve-ry-where? I'm sitting here at my desk working on my thesis whilst i keep seeing snaps and instagrams from everyone who was at that happy place. Oh i wish i was there this year, maybe it's a good idea to put my phone somewhere else when i'm working or i'll keep dreaming instead :) But seeing all these people wearing the coolest festival looks gave me inspiration to make a post about what i would wear if i would be there. (oh if only!)

So i went to the webshop of Esprit to select some pieces i would totally see myself in over there. First things first: a hat and some sunnies can't be missing in the look. Secondly: i would want to be comfy whilst i'm dancing in the heat so i opted for some lose fitted clothes and slippers. I also added a necklace to make the look a little more boho. There can't be enough jewelry to wear on Coachella so i would actually layer some more necklaces up to the look.

But allrighty enough dreaming for now, back to my thesis.... I hope this inspired you if you're luckier than me and you're going to a festival soon. Hugs, Annelies