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Hey guys! So last week i went to Paris with my boyfriend. It was just for one day, so it went by really quickly! On the other hand we Belgians are actually lucky i think to be able to go to Paris in a couple of hours driving. The best thing was going to the Gucci store, i kept calm but on the inside i was going mental haha, the collection is just sooo good! And the store itself is amazing as well, definitely go and visit that store if you are in Paris! (i posted some stuff from inside the store on my snapchat, you can add me on this username: annelies_hellem)

The day in Paris started not so good actually. I want to talk a bit about it so i could warn you if you see something similar in a big city. Me and my boyfriend were walking around the Arc de Triomphe and there were also a group of girls who spoke to people to try to sign their petition. So at a certain moment my boyfriend was a bit further away while a girl went to my with her petition. Then suddenly i was surounded with a group of those girls who were all screaming with there papers to sign and just a second later they were all gone. My boyfriend didn't even see it happen. I realised that that wasn't something normal so i immediately checked my bag... and everything was gone. I went straight back to those girls and demanded everything back, which they luckely did. I'm so lucky that irealised that so quickly, otherwise i would have lost everything. So please let this be a reminder if you see something like this...

Aaanyways, i'm going to wish you a lovely weekend before i write a book about my day in Paris :P Hugs, Annelies

jacket, shirt, pants and shoes: Zara / blazer: Julia June / hat: H&M / bag: Saint Laurent