Random snapshots Image 1

Having a sushi evening at my boyfriend. Also, how cool is this new purse from Mango? I immediately fell in love with it, i think it has a bit of a Saint Laurent vibe to it.

Random snapshots Image 2

Trying to make this the first thing i do in the morning. I really like it so far, it's very refreshing and wakes me up. My kind of morning coffee :)

Random snapshots Image 3

Making a quick picture at the wellness, i really needed this in between all the internship papers and my thesis.

Random snapshots Image 4

My favourite perfume of the moment, love the bottle so much!

Random snapshots Image 5

It's almost a year since i bought this Saint Laurent as my first designer bag, time flies! I'll post the full look of this later on this week.

Hope you have a great start of the week! xx