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I'm using these products for months now so i thought it would be interesting for you to share my thoughts about them :)

The Shiseido Pureness cleanser is something i only use at the evening. It's that type of cleanser that foams, but it isn't harsh on the skin. I have sensitive skin, so i would recommend it if you want a cleanser that does the job really well and is friendly to your skin.

My favourite eyecream ever is the Antipodes kiwi seed eyecream, i just looove this stuff! It sinks fast into the skin, which is good if you want to apply make-up afterwards. It contains alot of natural ingredients like avocado oil and it hydrates perfectly!

I've also found the perfect daycream for my sensitive skin. It's the well known Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream. I was on the hunt for a cream that hydrates very well without breaking my skin out for such a long time and i'm so happy to finally found the one! I even use this in the evening as a nightcream :)

Hope you had a nice week so far! Tell me if you recommend any products for sensitive skin, i really want to discover some more stuff! :) xx, A.

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Jade Graham - Thursday, 7 April 2016

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