Outfit snapshot Image 1

I actually planned an outfitpost for today but i forgot my SD-card at home :(( #bloggerproblems

So here's a snapshot from an earlier look! We haven't seen any proper sunlight in like ten days now here in Belgium, so this yellow coat from Zara is very welcome during these grey times.

Ohhh this song <3 I've must played it a hundred times by now! I just don't get bored from it. I think everyone finds that kind of song once in a while :) Have a great day guys! xx

New mac highlighter & lipstick Image 1

I'm getting more and more into make-up lately. I already replicated a look from a tutorial on youtube which turned out pretty good :) So i tought it was time to invest in some good products! I went for a highlighter (soft & gentle) and a matte lipstick (velvet teddy).

New mac highlighter & lipstick Image 2

This highlighter is absolutely worth the money! It will take me literally years to use this one up. And it's also so stunning on the skin, it gives a perfect dewy look! The woman in the store also told me that this is a popular one and i can totally understand why :)

New mac highlighter & lipstick Image 3
New mac highlighter & lipstick Image 4

This matte lipstick in velvet teddy is a nice nude color, perfect to wear as an everyday lipstick. The color is really subtle on my lips but it makes them look just that bit fuller.

New mac highlighter & lipstick Image 5

Insta recap Image 1

1. Loved this pretty pastelpink house in Bruges!

2. Trying out the top knot :)

3. These sparkly sneakers are from my boyfriend, too bad we're not the same size hehe

4. An early morning doing some errands in Ghent

Insta recap Image 2

Did a fun shoot for a clothing label, feeling summery in the middle of winter!

Insta recap Image 3

1. Time to relax!

2. Another day in Ghent, love that place!

3. Wanted to stay in bed aaaall day.

4. Loving my new Furla bag.

Insta recap Image 4

A quick shot of my look wearing my denim jacket for the first time :)

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