Pink bomberjacket Image 1
Pink bomberjacket Image 2

Looks who's new to my closet :) I saw this pink bomberjacket at Mango and was immediately sold! The color is just gorgeous, it's difficult to capture it on camera so it's actually a little different in real life. Can't wait to show you this one in an outfitpost!

Tumblr Image 1

I recently rediscovered Tumblr again. I had an account about 5 years ago to collect all things that inspired me and after all these years i descided to give it a try again! It's perfect to browse through during the weekend :)

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Windy  Image 1
Windy  Image 2
Windy  Image 3

These pictures were shot during a cloudy and very very windy day, so i'm actually not satisfied about how they turned out. But it's the best i could do, all the others contained hair that went flying all over the place or a grumpy face hehe :p So here you go, hope you like them! This look is one of my favourites this season. Every piece just fits perfect together :) Happy weekend! xx

coat and jumper: Essentiel / pants: Tommy Hilfiger / bag: Skinnydip / shoes: Adidas