Some new stuff Image 1

I've made a little pile during the exams with all the new items i've collected the past couple of months and i'm so happy to finally have the time to photograph them! :)

The first two items are these jumpers since i reallyreally needed some stuff i could just quickly throw on. I found this white knitted jumper at Essentiel during the sale and i couldn't be happier because it was surprisingly difficult to find a good one!

Some new stuff Image 2

This one is from Sonia by Sonia Rykiel and i first saw it hanging in a shopping window on my way to school. I fell more and more in love with it the more i walked past it, so i decided to just go for it :) I thing it's a perfect statement sweater to wear with a oversized denim jacket or some leather pants. Can't wait to show you a look with it!

Some new stuff Image 3

I can imagine that this bag from Skinnydip will not be at everyone's taste, but i thought it was so cool! Really love the color combination.

Some new stuff Image 4
Some new stuff Image 5

And last but not least this lovely perfume by MiuMiu. I must admit that the bottle made me buy it, but the scent is also very good! I'm not so good at describing scents but i would say that it starts flowery and light but becomes more heavy and musky the longer you wear it.