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I can't remember the last time since i posted a look with heels, so here you go! :) These heels are surprisingly comfy to wear actually. I think they're about 7,5 cm high which is not an akward low length, but also not too high so it isn't uncomfortable. This will be one of the last summery looks though... It's getting colder and colder, they even predicted some first snow here in Belgium, insaaane :((

shorts: H&M / shirt and heels: Zara / sunglasses: &OtherStories

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This was what i wore this weekend during an easy day with my boyfriend in Bruges. We shopped, ate pancakes and went to see 'the Martian' (which was really good!). Hope you're having a great start of the week! xx Annelies

shirt and coat: Zara / pants: H&M / shoes: Adidas / sunglasses: &OtherStories

5 things Image 1

I'm having one of those cozy sunday evenings browsing the web whilst drinking tea and listening to music. Taking it easy before the busy week begins! So here are 5 things i came across and loved :)

- This pink Delvaux mini bag, just perfection!

- What i love to wear during autumn make-up wise: only mascara on the eyes and a plummy lip.

- Cute little interior detail

- This image makes me want to wear more jewellry, i'm actually so lazy when it comes to this.

- How cute is this little one? Look at his bellyyy!

Have a peek at my Pinterest for more inspo :)

Last Marbella outfit Image 1
Last Marbella outfit Image 2
Last Marbella outfit Image 3
Last Marbella outfit Image 4
Last Marbella outfit Image 5

I'm going to miss editing these holiday outfits alot! It's raining and cold today, but i must admit i'm also a bit excited to wear coats and knitwear again :) This look was shot before we were heading to dinner in Puorto Banus, a city not far from Marbella. I actually bought the jumpsuit and shoes at a Zara over there, haha. I'm not addicted, Zara is just too good :P

Sunglasses: &OtherStories / everything else: good old Zara