Marbella diary: part I Image 1
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Up in the air! I was actually very nervous to fly, but these views make it all worth it.

Always happy to see these guys back! :)

A comfy white look i wore to explore the city of Marbella.

This is taken at the old part of Marbella, it was so pretty! One of my favourite places we visited during our trip :)

Already missing those lazy mornings <3

I also spent a few days just laying at the pool or the beach, which can be really nice after days of exploring some cities.

Getting my daily dose of icecream :)

It suprised me how many asian restaurants there were in every city. Not that i'm complaining :) This was actually my favourite dinner of the whole trip: vegan sushi with a bowl of edamame, pure loveee.

Old Marbella Image 1
Old Marbella Image 2
Old Marbella Image 3
Old Marbella Image 4
Old Marbella Image 5
Old Marbella Image 6
Old Marbella Image 7
Old Marbella Image 8

Here's the first look i wore during my trip to Marbella! Ohh how i miss the sun already! It's a bit depressing to think about how long it will be until i see some decent sunshine again actually :( :( These pictures were taken in the old part of the city in Marbella, i posted some of the picture perfect little streets on my instagram. The little houses were painted in alot of pastel colors so i feel like this outfit totally matched the town :) I wore this hat alottt on my trip so expect to see him again. I have to wash him though, because a bird decided to shit on it, haha, don't want to think about what would have happened if i didn't wore my hat that moment... :P

shirt: JuliaJune / shorts: Caroline Biss / hat: local market / shoes: Zara / glasses: &OtherStories