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I'm searching for an oversized denim jacket for ages now and i think i finally found the perfect one! I'm really picky about the color, washing and fit but i think this one has it all :) Can't wait for it to arrive, i got a feeling i'll be wearing this one alot this fall!

On another note: i've finally handed in my thesis, please pray with me for some good grades! That also means i'm going to have a decent stressless weekend again. The weather will be amazing normally so it really can't get any better, hope you're all going to have a great one too! :) Hugs, Annelies

You can find the jacket here

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I promised to show you some pictures of beachfestival WeCanDance i went to, so here it is! Wish i was still surounded by palmtrees and coconuts but i'll have to do it with a grey sky at the moment. So counting the days until i leave for Spain! 21 days left! :)

I posted more about what i'm wearing over here :)

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Since today was pretty rainy and filled with some boring thesis writing i decided to look at some summer outfits from last year instead of the raindrops on my window. I must say alot of outfits i wore aren't up on my alley anymore today. Which is a good thing! A like to see how style can evolve through time. But there's also alot of stuff i still enjoy to wear today. These above are some of my favourites :) Happy weekend! xx

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What do you think of my Saint Laurent's little guardian? Isn't he cuuute? I found this pink haired fellow at the flea market a while ago, so i adopted him and gave him a place to live in my closet :) It (he/she has no name yet, any suggestions?) gives my wardrobe a fun little touch, definitely going to add some more creatures to the collection!