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Hey guys! These pictures were taken at the seaside, love the light in them! What do you think about this skirt? I bought it at Topshop when i was in Amsterdam and it immediately caught my eye. Oh, it was love at first sight :) The quality is also just ah-ma-zing! If i'll ever go to a fashionweek, this would be my look, haha.

Now, back to my studybooks again (sigh), i have an exam in about a week but luckily after that i'm getting on the plane to Spainnnn. Can't. Wait. It's actually raining alot over here, so that makes the studying a bit more bearable :) Hope you're having a great weekend! xx Annelies

skirt: Topshop / shirt: JuliaJune / shoes and bag: Zara / sunglasses: &OtherStories