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Hey guys! These pictures were taken at the seaside, love the light in them! What do you think about this skirt? I bought it at Topshop when i was in Amsterdam and it immediately caught my eye. Oh, it was love at first sight :) The quality is also just ah-ma-zing! If i'll ever go to a fashionweek, this would be my look, haha.

Now, back to my studybooks again (sigh), i have an exam in about a week but luckily after that i'm getting on the plane to Spainnnn. Can't. Wait. It's actually raining alot over here, so that makes the studying a bit more bearable :) Hope you're having a great weekend! xx Annelies

skirt: Topshop / shirt: JuliaJune / shoes and bag: Zara / sunglasses: &OtherStories

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I just took this picture for the instagramz, but i wanted to talk a bit more in depth about my favourite beautyproducts of the moment with you.

1. Chanel nailpolish (Nr.535/May): I normally don't splurge on nailpolish, but this color was just so beautiful and i couldn't find a dupe for it. I'm obsessed with everything pink and this is just the perfect pastel color! Not gonna lie, the quality is just the same as cheaper nailpolish in my opinion.

2. MAC eyeshadow (Nylon): This is the color of eyeshadow i just always always need to have! It's great as a highlighter on the browbone or in the inner corner of the eyes. I usually put it all over my eyelids, it makes me look more awake :)

3. ChloƩ showergel: This smells so divine! It's like you're showering with parfume. I use this when i'm having one of those pampering days in the badroom with nailpolih, bodylotion, hair- and facemask... I really enjoy those moments!

4. Essence lipstick (06/Barely there): This is such a good natural lipstick for me! My lips are quite red from itself so the color is not so dark when i'm wearing it. It also makes my lips look a bit fuller, which is a good bonus ofcourse :)

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1. Well deserved lunch break in Amsterdam after alot of exploring :) 2. My favourite black essentials 3. The reason why i was in Amsterdam: my boyfriends art exposition, so proud of him! 4. Some details of what we were wearing that day.

1. Some of my favourite skincare items: Shiseido cleanser, Kiehls midnight recovery oil and Lush mask of magnaminty. Let me know if you want a review :) 2. Planning summery outfits during rainy days 3. Breakfast with oatmeal, banana, blueberries and mulberries 4. Wearing one of my favourite looks.

1. Taking a break with sushi and a magazine, enjoying the little things :) 2. The perfume i'm recently wearing, this one is very soft and powdery 3. My favourite color combination: pink and silver! 4. Loving this shirt from Topshop alottt!

instagram: @annelies_hellem

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hat & shorts: H&M / cropped top: River Island / shoes: Adidas / bag: Saint Laurent / cardigan: Friday