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Hey guys! What do you think of mynew tattoo? :) Haha, it's fake but i kinda wish it was permanent though! I'm playing with the idea to have a flowery tattoo on my underarm for a while now but i just don't dare to do it. I think i need to give it more time to see if i remain to like the design and idea of having a tattoo. So what's better to test it then to have a temporary tattoo? I used tattoos from MonTattoo, their designs are so divers, so you can be really creative with it! I layered differend flower tattoo's above each other so it looked like a sleeve. I recieved plenty of positive comments about it, some people even thought it was real haha. The tattoo lasts for about 5-6 days before it begins to fade and crumble. I actually 'build' this outfit around this tattoo, i think it really matches with this jumpsuit :)jumpsuit and shoes: Zara / hat: H&M / bag: SaintLaurent / temporary tattoo: MonTattoo