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Don't let the cuteness of this smoothie fool you, this one is actually very heavy-duty and really fills you up! It's my go-to smoothie if i want something quick but healthy for lunch. You can also make this for breakfast or as a (big) snack if you prefer this more. I made this vitaminbomb with two bananas, one apple, a handfull of mango (equals aprox. one mango), a handfull of red berries and a tablespoon of line seeds. Add some water to it before you blend. You can always add more water afterwards if you think the smoothie is too thick. At last i added a pinch of coconut flakes on top of my smoothie.

I firstly made it with an orange instead of an apple but because banana is a sweet fruit and orange an acid fruit it can make you feel bloated, so i'm sticking with the apple! Also, did you know that a tablespoon of line seeds contains the daily portion of healthy fats? A real superfood if you ask me :) If you feel like you are getting hungry after one or two hours you can always add more of an ingredient of choice.

Let me know if you tried this recipe! :) Hugs, Annelies xx

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Natasja - Friday, 10 July 2015

It looks delicious!