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Since i bought my first overall i'm obsessed with it! They come in so many different styles and they are so versatile! You can wear them casual with a pair of sneakers or with heels and a leather jacket to make it more feminine. I really love this lace one in the middle, i can totally see mee wear this at the beach with some espadrilles, a straw hat and a red bag :) What's your favourite one?

1. Madewell distressed stretch-denim skinny overalls

2. MSGM lace playsuit

3. Madewell distressed denim overalls

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Insta recap Image 2
Insta recap Image 3

1. The beauty i brought back from Paris 2. Some black essentials together 3. A quick snap of my look on an early morning 4. A-ma-zing sushi at Umami

1. Some products i used in the morning for a bare face with red lips 2. Freshly chopped hair and being happy for the weekend 3. My morning routine: oatmeal, green tea, instagram and a magazine 4. Bag twinning with a friend of me

1. Making pictures for my interview for Youth Culture2. Having a drink under this amazing ceiling 3. Breakfast with pancakes and scones, how it should be every morning! 4. Another backstage shot from the Youth Culture shoot

Hair crush Image 1

How frickin' cool is this haircolor? I absolutely love it! I know it isn't probably everyone's cup of tea, but i was seriously considering to dye my hair in this candy floss color. It would look so cool with white colar shirts and even with more black and 'rockish' looks. My hair is very dark, so that would mean i have to bleach it before the color gets in. The roots also would have to be re-bleached every month or so (yesyes, i did alot of research :) ). I've never ever dyed my hair, so this is a complete new world to me. What do you think about this color?