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A camel coat, a pair of classic shoes and a hat: this combination always works for me! I was by the seaside during the day of those pictures but my hat always flew off because it was really really windy and also freezing cold. Buttt today it's such a nice springy day with a clear blue sky, i missed that so much! Haha, i feel like i'm talking about the weather alot but it just has so much influence on my outfits. There are outfits waiting in my closet that i can't wait to wear during warmer weather! On another note, i really wished i was at Paris Fashion Week right now! I'm following it through social media and i can't wait to be there during one of those weeks, it must be such a cool atmosphere! But i really can't complain, i'm leaving for Paris in two weeks, can't wait!! I hope the weather will be nice, haha ;) Hugs xx

hat and bag: H&M / coat: Massimo Dutti / pants and shoes: Zara