My MAC essentials Image 1

These are my first products from mac and i can already say it will be two of my make-up essentials. The lipstick is in color 'ruby woo', it's bright red and has a matte finish. Because of the matte finish it really stays on the lips for a long time. It survived a meal and drinks like nothing happened! The lady from the mac shop said she never carried the lipstick with her when she goes out because she knows it will stay on all evening. For the eyeshadow i chose the color ' nylon frost'. For me this is a basic color i use on my eyelids, browbone or inner eyecorner because it really highlights and opens the eye.

New Header Image 1
New Header Image 2

I've been working a lot on a new header lately, it was about time after using the same one for more than 1 year! The old one was getting too serious and too static, so i made the new header more playfull. It represents my look on fashion so much better now: fun and colorfull :) I really really hope you guys like it! xx Annelies