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1. The best buy of the year nomination goes to my beloved Stan Smiths! They go with so many outfits, best sneakers ever. 2. I'm really really crushing over this bag, it's floating alot in my mind recently. 3. Top-down look of a casual outfit :) 4. Behind to scenes at a shoot i did, loved the leather culottes!

1. Sipping gin tonic at the store opening of Belgian fashionlabel JuliaJune 2. A fall situation :) 3. Went for a walk in the park on a gorgeous clear fall day. 4. A make-up look for another shoot, it's a bit special but i loved it!

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It seems that Julia Roberts follows Madonna to star in a brandnew Givenchy campaign. We are seeing a whole new Julia without her iconic smile. The right picture is my absolute favourite, the look suits her so wel!

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This is one of my outfits i could actually live in, sooo comfy. My exams are coming closer and closer, so comfort comes first on days where i almost don't leave my desk. I also gave in on the newbalance thing. But i have no regrets, you can never have enough sneakers :)

jumper: Zara / pants: H&M / watch: Michael Kors / sneakers: New Balance

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One of my favourite months has arrived: Decemberrrr! It's already getting really cold over here. But i don't mind that, i love the Chrismas lights, candles, cozy knitwear,... They are already building a little Christmas market not far from my home, i can't wait to visit it!

Images: Revelista, Pinterest