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No matter who you are: student, gamer or blogger, we spend alot of time sitting at our desk. So it's important for our productivity to have a place that isn't overcluttered. And even when you don't use your desk for something work related, it never hurts to have a nicely organised place to sit at :) Here are some tips to make sure your desk is organised:

Using boxes

It's such a simple thing, but it can bring a huge difference at your desk situation. Use a box to put in random stuff that's usually laying at your desk or place small boxes to put in paperclips, pencils,... the options are endless! You can buy some boxes in the store but you can also DIY and make some pretty ones as well! The internet is full of this awesome DIY projects for you to try out.

Easy to reach

Make sure you put your most frequently used items at easy to reach areas. That can include a shelf, drawer, jar,... A desk isn't only organised at the outside, but at the inside as well! So don't forget to store everything neatly in your drawer. You can devide your drawer into different sections for pencils, clips, books,...

Clean it regulary

Try to make this a routine and clean your desk when you want to leave it. Just a speed cleaning where you put everything back into the place it belongs. Easy-peasy! :)