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Today i want to show you my favourite products i used lately. First the Love, Chloé eau florale. That smell! I love perfume, but i don't have shelves full of them. There are only two bottles in my collection. That's because i'm a bit picky when it comes to scents. So i really have to fall head over heels with a perfume to bring it home with me. And that happened with this beauty. The bottle alone is beautiful, not too much going on, simple but chic. I'm not so good at describing scents, but i will give it a try: the first thing that comes to my mind is that it's a 'powdery' scent. It's soft, powdery, gentle and with a touch of flowers. I hope that made sense :p Just give it a snif when you bump into it!

And how cute it the mini Miss Dior bottle? Just as the name Miss Dior blooming bouquet says, its a floral scent as well. Two perfect spring perfumes right here if you ask me!

I use the perfumed shower gel, Roses de Chloé, on days when i really want to pamper myself. And again, that bottle! Next is my Yves Saint Laurent lipstick in color 111. It's the perfect dark red lipstick to wear at dinners and parties. On the first picture you can see my Zara pearl ring. It's the perfect accessoiry to give an outfit more of a 'chic' vibe. And last but certainly not least: my Zoeva brushes. After hearing so many good things about them i decided to place an order and oh men... They are softer then a baby's bottom! If you are searching for great price/quality brushes, these are the one! :)