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Yoo Looneys! :) Hope you are all well! I have a new concept here on the blog: plogging. It's a shorter name for photoblogging. So basically i'm going to take pictures during a specific day. I'm going to plog at random days, so i can't guarantee that there will be a plog every week. Let me know what you think! :) Now on to the very first plog! This happened last saturday:

Breakfast! Still eating some eastereggs, calories don't count in weekends, thats my theory :)

Ready to hit the day!

I went to a secondhandshop and found these dvd's. The september issue was on my watch-list for ever and tomb raider is just a classic that i needed to have. Lara Croft really was my hero when i was a kid :)

On our way to Antwerp!

We went to a really cool shop named Ringz and Thingz. It's located at Kammenstraat 65 in Antwerp. They sell alot of awesome stuff like these great shirts. I couldn't resist and bought a Star Wars one.

Misters outfit. Burberry shirt and Balenciaga shoes.

And a sneekpeak of mine, outfitpost will come soon!

& other stories finally arrived in Belgium, i really needed to go and see it. What a beautiful store that was! Really lovely interior.

Nicely displayed shoes.

Loved these earrings!

I tried to match my freshly bought Star Wars shirt with a zara skirt, but i wasn't very convienced.

Walking past Laduree, drool went all over the place.

Resting my feet with a chai tea latte. Even on a hot sunny day i can't resist this :)

I really love this cake concept at Louis Vuitton.

Dinnertime! I went for a salad with thin slices of beef. The 'thing' where it's placed on was edible, i don't know what is was, but it was fried.

It began to rain so we decided to go to the cinema.

We choose Maleficent. I expected it to be more darker, but i really loved this movie! Go and see it if you are not sure yet :)

Aaand that was my saturday! I hope you liked this plog. Let me know if it's something you want me to do more!

xx Annelies