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Today i want to talk to you about my favourite skincare. I love to try out new products and i can really enjoy to use a product in my daily routine. I try to keep my products as natural and organic as possible because my skin is very sensitive so it's important that i don't use products that contain any harsh chemicals.

1. Philosophy purity made simple 3-in-1 cleanser - This is my first step in my evening routine. After i splashed my face with water, i massage this into my skin to remove my make-up. It's actually a make-up remover, eye make-up remover and toner all in one bottle! I really like to use this cleanser because it leaves my skin very soft and supple. My skin often feels dry and squaky clean after i use a cleanser, so this cleanser is my favourite numero uno!

2. The body shop tea tree oil - Tea tree oil works well against acne and other impurities on the skin. I apply this oil on the areas of my face where i have blemishes.

3. Antipodes eye cream - I love this eyecream! It's organic and it contains alot of kiwi seed oil, avocado oil and carrot oil. It's rich in vitamin C from the New-Zealand kiwifruit which helps moisturise and soften fine lines. It sinks very fast into my skin and makes the delicate skin around my eyes very happy :)

4. Dr. organic dead sea miniral mud mask - If i had to choose my ultra favourite product out of all these favourites, i would choose this one. This face mask contains lots and lots of natural ingredients like aloe vera leaf juice, plankton extract, kelp extract, pine needle oil, wild mint oil... And it's free from parabens, SLS and fragrances! It leaves my skin very soft and nourished. I can say it reduces my blemishes very well! Definitely try this one out if you can get your hands on it!

5. Yves Rocher daycream - I love this daycream because it doesn't make my skin break out, which alot of creams do. There are 7 plant extracts in it that have an anti-aging effect. The cream itself is not very thick and absorbs very quick into my skin. No miracles, but a nice cream that moistures my face very well.

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Shoesshoesshoes, you can never have enough pairs, isn't it? My number one rule for buying shoes is that they have to be comfy. I've bought too much shoes in the past i just couldn't resist (mostly on sale). But in the end they were a teenytiny bit too small / high / pointy / bright / etc... At the end of the season they still hadn't see anything but the inside of my shoe closet. Lesson learned. So now i only try to buy shoes i'm totally head over heels with (pun intended), even when they are on sale!

These slip-ons from Manfield recently caught my eye. Perfect to create a casual outfit or to give your feet a rest from heels. It's also very easy to match: wear it with boyfriend or skinny jeans, shorts, even skirts will go with them :) They are literally everywhere since Celine used them in their collection. Alot of brands sell slip-ons so there is one for every budget and there is also almost one for every outfit because they come in so many different colors, patterns and materials.

I really like the looks above. As you can see slip-ons can easily be combined. I love how well the leopard ones go with more of a dressed outfit like the third look. They give all the outfits a sturdy but casual vibe. Plus, because of the large range of materials and colors they come in, you can wear them from winter to summer! I think it's clear, i looove this trend. Sadly enough i don't own a pair of slip-ons yet. I declare the hunt as opened!

look 1: Mija / look 2 : Stockholm streetstyle / look 3 : Lisa

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Todays details. It's going to be a relaxed day consisting of shopping and going out for dinner with a friend. And a relaxed day calls for a relaxed outfit! So i choose for my leopard vans, boyfriend pants and a big bag to put all my shopped goodies in :) Hope you have a great day! xx Annelies

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I love black and white outfits, it's my go to suit when i don't have alot of inspiration. I'm wearing this perfect black blazer from Zara, it has the perfect shape! And of course i'm still loving my Givenchy sneakers. They bring a subtile touch of colour to this look :)

blazer and shirt: Zara / pants and bag: H&M / shoes: Givenchy