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The first moment a saw this choker from Zara i was sold. The pearls and the minimalistic design makes this piece definitely 100% on trend. I can see myself wearing it with a simple white or pastel top.

Find it here

Fendi Fall 2014 RTW Image 1
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The show opened and i was already in love. Cara with a furry cape wearing a fuzzy Karl Lagerfeld doll between two fingers. The whole show consisted of looks with muted colors, mostly black and olive. But at one point there was a pop of pink that went really wel with the rest all the fall colors. While i was watching the livestream i could only think of female foresters walking down the runway. But in a good way! I also liked the big volumes in alot of the looks: long skirts, coats that goes down to the ankles,... There were even drones flying all over the runway to give the viewers online a whole new experience. But i was a bit disappointed about the quality of the video. Very pixelly! But thats just a detail, i adoooored the show. Clapclap for Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi.

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I'm still a fan of big volumes in an outfit. It's so effortless and feels so comfortable. I added some heels to give the look a pinch of elegance, altough the heels are bulky as well. I really want to wear heels more often and these are not that hard to walk in.* The scarf i'm wearing is my favourite ever! Its the biggest one i own. Just to give you an illustration:

It's a half blanket! I literally use it as a blanket sometimes when sipping tea in the couch :p Multifunctional scarf!

* also the only pair that matched the outfit. I'm reaaaly in need to expand my heels collection.

coat: Massimo Dutti / scarf: Zara / pants and shoes: h&m

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OMG NYFW. The fashion week/month in the big apple has already started. If you're on instagram/twitter you can't have missed it. Everybody is talking about it! I looove social media in times like this. It's like you're sitting front row at your favourite show! (with a much better view, you can see every detail of the outfit). Besides the shows, its equal important to see what everyone is wearing who goes to the shows. It's a fashion show on itself if you ask me! So i've selected my favourite looks of NYFW streetstyle for you, enjoy!