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1. Princess Bijou relaxing on a sunny sunday. 2. Ready for the weekend to begin! 3. I baked some healthy pancakes in the morning. Just two eggs and a banana mashed together and warmed up in a pan. Supereasy! 4. A good workout on valentinesday.

1. Waking up and seeing this beauty. 2. Baking some healthy cookies! These were sososo good, i've put the recipe on my instagram. 3. Something less healthy but also very delicious at a dinner with my friends. 4. Starting the day with a magazine and some green tea.

Instagram: @thefashionloonatic

Have a great weekend guys! xx Annelies

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1. Blackberry / No iphone to see here... yet! My trusty old blackberry is still alive and kicking!

2. LPB (little pink book) / This is to note down ideas for the blog, to do lists, grocery lists,...

3. Diesel Loverdose parfume / It contains 20 ml and is perfectly handbag sized.

4. YSL lipstick in rouge volupté perle (#111) / The best red shade according to me!

5. L'occitane lavender hand cream / This stuff... It's so good! It smells like you are walking trough a field full of lavender.

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It's time for the hottest online arrivals! I really like to select my favourite spring items, all the fresh and pastel colors making me long so much for warmer weather. I've also seen like 100000 things i would want to order, oh if i was a rich girl nanana... :)

1. Diane von Furstenberg Britta leopard-print jacquard coat

2. Diane Kordas18-karat rose gold, sapphire and diamond necklace

3. J.Crew Collection silk-blend shantung straight-leg pants

4. Tamara Mellon Addiction leather pumps

5. Emma Cook Printed silk crepe de chine shirt

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Time for lighter jackets! I'm loving the weather lately, it's very springy! So i woke up this faux fur jacket from his hibernation. Black and denim always are a good choice if you ask me. And it's even acceptable again to wear some sunnies with this gorgeous weather! Haha i just realize everything from my outfit, including the bag, is from h&m! A simple but chic look thats super affordable :)