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Happyyy :)

I have one more (late) fashion resolution for 2014: wearing more hats! I have a couple of them but i rarely wear them. The main reason for that is because i always forget them (sorry hats!). So i will make them more visible in my closet. It can give an outfit a total upgrade if you ask me. At first, i had this outfit in mind without the black blazer. I always picture the weather warmer than it is, so i had to change my mind and throw my beloved black blazer on. Are there more people who ALWAYS dress to light? It has happened alot of times to me when i regretted myself not to put on a thicker sweater. I really have to keep that in mind. Another belated fashion resolution maybe?

- Shirt & shorts: Tommy Hilfiger

- Blazer & hat: h&m

- Shoes: Zara