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1. Wearing my new earring from Asos. I really love the design! 2. I really have the urge to travel lately. NY is on top of my list! 3. How awesome is this shot? :) 4. Ready for a party with friends!

1. Some of my favourite items at the moment: essentiel bag, msgm pants, zara shoes and my brandnew Red Valentino coat. I'm so happy with it, soon an outfitpost with this beauty :) 2. The princess of the house sunbathing. 3. Crazy hair and make-up for a shoot. 4. The after-shoot look! I spent ages removing all bobby-pins from my hair. Alot of hairspray was used at the shoot, so my hair looked like a little fuzzball afterwards.

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Prada makes the best campaigns if you ask me. I love this one as well, it's fun, colorfull and happy! The arty SS14 collection featured in this video is also one of my favourite collections from this season, what do you think?

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Karlie Kloss

Chanel SS14

My old long hair and my fresh chop :)

The short cut has made a big intrance in fashionland. It's a great refrechment from the long, big and perfect wavey hairstyles. When long has to be perfect, short has to be the messier the better. Models like Karlie Kloss and Amanda Harlech are all part of this short story. On top of that, Karl Lagerfelt made his models wear a bob wig during the SS14 show. I'm also guilty for going to the bob-side. Some months ago i made the decision and im much more carefree now when it comes to my hair. I absolutely have no regrets!

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Time for a simple outfit! That kind of outfit you throw on when you dont have enough time/ dont want to think to much about combinations. No-brain outfits. Thats what i like to call them :) In this case the timeless combination of jeans and black. Good for every occasion. I added a scarft for not making it to plain. This scarf was a christmas present from my dad. I immediately asked if mom had helped with his choice, but apperantly he did it all by himself. I was pleasantly surprised! :) Happy weekend guys!

- Pants & sweater: H&M

- Bag & shoes: Zara

- Coat: Massimo Dutti