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It's no secret that i love an outfit inspired from men's fashion. On woman it looks nonchalant but chic at the same time. I added one of my favourite shoes from Zara for this one. It surprises me that silver matches with so many colours! I'm still wearing my worn-out blazer, but i think i might have found a follow up at Maison Scotch. And how crazy is it that 2013 is almost over? This year flew by so freakin fast! (i keep saying this each year) At this moment i'm doing some preparations for new years eve. I just finished making chocolatemousse and to much chocolate has disappeared in my mouth :p Still haven't figured out which outfit to wear! What are you guys doing/wearing on new years eve?- blazer, shirt and pants: H&M

- shoes: Zara

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1. The first fire of the season! It's one of my favourite things during winter. 2. Selfmade pizza, maybe it looks a bit weird but it was perfecto! 3. These 'made in Belgium' macarons were good, but not as good as French ones. 4. My lovely Bijou with the Christmas tree.

1. Christmas means red cups at starbucks! This one was a toffee nut latte, so yummy. 2. Back from a shopping day in Rotterdam (Holland). It was very rainy that day but i had a great time! 3. I have vacation what means i have more freetime. I must admit i never saw an episode of sex and the city. I just finished season 1 and i love it! 4. Christmas-eve with the family. Bijou was in a festive mood to :)

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Hello :)

Merry Christmas! I wanted to show you some details from my Christmas-eve. And i want to wish you all a wonderfull time with your loved ones! Enjoy the people around you, the food, the glittering Christmas tree and have a good time! x Annelies

Go grab yourself a cup of tea/coffee/(fill in your favorite drink) and click the play button. What you'll see is a shortfilm called 'the return' directed by the one and only Mr. Lagerfeld. It has been published to celebrate Chanel's latest fashion show in Dallas. Enjoy!