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Hey guys, hope you're having a lovely weekend! Mine flew by like usual but I'm ready for a new week :) Here's what I wore during my day in Paris. It was the perfect springday so the pastels I wore couldn't be more appropriate. I love this coat, I found it at Zara, it's pretty casual but the lovely color makes it just a bit extra special. And of course a can't wear anything else than my good old Stan Smith sneakers to walk around Paris the whole day. We shot this look at Palais Royal, definitely give it a visit if you're around Paris! xx, A.

pants and coat: Zara / shirt: Scotch & Soda / shoes: Adidas / bag: Furla

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I try to visit Paris at least one time a year. Because it's only a 3 hour drive away it's something that luckily is easy to achieve! We waited until the weather was perfect, which was a good decision, it was just the perfect spring day. Aaand I bought something I was eyeing for a long time, but first here's some snaps I made that day, enjoy!

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My look that day, pastels to match the spring weather. I'll show more of the outfit in a separate blogpost.

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The lovely Gucci store, the interior on itself is such an inspiration.

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Thiiiis stooore! If you love macarons you need to visit this Ladurée store, it's so pretty! It's called 'Les Marquis de Ladurée' and it's located at Rue de Castiglione.

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With the first spring weather comes some spring cleaning, once a year I try to part from pieces I almost didn't wear or didn't wear at all the past year. Then I look at what's missing and what I wear alot, that's what I'm alowed to buy :) Bomberjackets, hats, bags, sunglasses, watches and earrings are the basics I wear very regulary so the things I've selected here above would be very welcome in my wardrobe right now! Hope you like this little selection, what's your favourite item? xx

bomberjacket: TommyxGigi / hat: Topshop / watch: Topshop / earrings: Sabrina Dehoff / sunglasses: Miu Miu / bag: Pinko